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(for English; please call between the hours of 12 p.m and 11 p.m., Japan time): 090-6677-2306

Hiroshima Store

Ramen & Ramen Sets

All of our delicious ramen varieties come topped with loads of veggies and three savory chashu pork slices. We do our best to serve locally sourced vegetables, eggs, and pork, and everything we serve is grilled or cooked by hand only after you order. Thank you very much for your patience!

If you need a fork, just ask the staff!

Kyo no Shio Ramen

Delicious ramen noodles in our classic pork-based soup stock, topped with three savory, well-seasoned chashu pork slices.

Kyo no Shoyu Ramen

Delicious ramen noodles in our pork-based, soy sauce-flavored soup stock, topped with three chashu pork slices.

Yamato no Miso Ramen

A rich, hearty taste that’s quickly become a local favorite! Enjoy a special, miso-based version of our ramen noodle soup, loaded with veggies, minced pork and an array of spices, and topped off with three delicious chashu pork slices.

Yamato no Pirikara Miso Ramen

Enjoy an extra-spicy version of our popular Miso Ramen! A flavorful blend of spices enhances the miso-based soup that’s become a local favorite. Fresh noodles, loads of veggies, chashu pork slices and a heaping helping of minced pork.

The Su Ramen

Any kind of ramen from our menu (Kyo no Shio, Kyo no Shoyu, Yamato no Miso, or Yamato no Pirikara Miso), but without chashu pork slices. Subtract 150 from the price of each ramen and ramen set. Please specify which ramen you would like! Please note: depending on which ramen you specify, the soup will still contain some pork or seafood products.


Dumplings stuffed with minced pork and assorted vegetables. For guests with allergies, please note that our gyoza also contains some sesame oil.